Koa’s Bio:

Koa Shima
GCI Intern

My name is Koa Shimabukuro. I was born in KC, MO; grew up in Honolulu, HI; and now live in Pasadena, CA. I graduated with my B.A. in Christian Ministry in 2015, and I am now a GCI Intern with Grace Communion Monrovia since September 2016. I grew up in the church, as my dad has been a pastor since I was born. My whole life has been a process of seeing the value of the kingdom of God in everyday life, in all the ups and downs. I have truly come to value safe and open spaces, which cultivate genuine unconditioned relationships.

Statement of Passion:

I believe that ministry is first and foremost the Triune God’s mission to all of creation. This means my ministry is rooted in the very being and action of God. My heart for ministry is simply to participate in the ongoing work of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Whether that be participating by leading worship for our Sunday services, teen and young adult discussions, grabbing lunch with someone, participating in a small group, etc., the common denominator is loving relationships mediated by Christ. Relationships mediated by Christ are the foundation of all of life; there is no life and ministry without Jesus’s mediation!