GCPodcast 007 – Ceeja Malmkar – Leveraging Social Media To Build Community

In this episode, host Joe Brannen, interviews Ceeja Malmkar Pastoral Resident for Grace Communion Surrey Hills. Ceeja shares how the love of Christ compels her to build relationships with her neighbors and join with her congregation in engaging with their community in innovative ways.



“As a church, it can’t be about trying to get your community to come to your church, it is about BEING the church to your community” – Ceeja Malmkar




Main Points:

  • Who is Ceeja Malmkar and how did she and her family connect with Grace Communion Surrey? (8:48)
  • What led your congregation to engage with the community and going outside the walls of your church? (12:01)
  • What innovative strategies did you use to build relationships in your community? (17:18)
  • How do you develop relationships through Social Media? (24:08)
  • How do you partner with your community in planning outreach events? (32:45)



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