A little about me:

Cara Garrity
GCI Pastoral Resident

I am a proud native of Lynn, MA where I live with my sister, two mischievous cats Ollie and Chauncey, and majestic dog Maggie. My ministry journey started at a Christian camp for girls in Maine, Camp Cedarbrook and has brought me through the GCI Internship program and now the GCI Pastoral Resident program. My favorite things include ice cream, hot chocolate, travel, sarcasm, nature, and reading Christian sci-fi/fantasy, think CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Madeleine L’Engle, and the like.

Why ministry?

I did not plan to end up in vocational ministry. But God did. I have chosen to say yes to his calling because I have experienced his transforming presence in my own life and it has compelled me to respond with an amen, hallelujah! With that amen, hallelujah God has formed within me a deep heart for those children of his who have been marginalized in society, meaning they have been disregarded, overlooked, pushed aside, harmed, disadvantaged, and oppressed. He has put within me a message for those unseen in this world that there is a God who sees them, knows them, and loves them. This message has compelled me towards inhabiting the space where Christian faith and social justice meet. I am particularly passionate for bearing witness to God’s good good news and restorative justice to women and women sexually exploited and trafficked. I also have a great love for equipping other followers to inhabit a space of faith and justice.