Healthy church is the fruit of health in several key aspects of congregational life, including the two addressed on this page—healthy leadership and healthy ministries. For additional discipleship resources, click here.

Healthy Leadership (REAL Teams)

Key to healthy church is leadership that is pastor-led and team-based—what GCI refers to as REAL teams. For an infographic that defines what this means, click here. For videos that unpack the details, click on these links:

Healthy Ministries (Faith, Hope and Love Venues)

Key to healthy church is vibrancy in the three venues (environments) noted below where, by the power of the Spirit, disciple-making ministry occurs. For an infographic that addresses all three venues, click here. For infographics specific to each venue, click on the links below.

Love Venue (witness)

  • How to Identify Your Target Community – connecting with nearby, unchurched people.
  • Missionary vs. Missional – developing “missional rhythms” within your congregation.
  • Greeter Ministry – mobilizing a team that extends hospitality to guests and members.
  • Connection Card – a tool for building relationships with guests and visitors (includes a template for making your own branded connection card).
  • Thank You Postcard – a tool for building relationships with visitors, donors and volunteer workers (includes three templates with instructions for making GCI-branded postcards).
  • Congregation Brochure and Postcard – a helpful and intentional way to connect with visitors and make your church’s presence known to the community.

Hope Venue (worship)

Faith Venue (discipleship)

  • Why Small Groups? – environments for relationally-based discipleship (includes starter curriculum).
  • For additional resources related to intentional discipleship, click here.