GCI’s vision for Healthy Church is focused on healthy leadership and healthy ministries. The resources linked below help congregations grow in these two key areas of Spirit-led participation in the ministry of Christ.

Healthy Leadership (R.E.A.L. Teams)

Key to Healthy Church is team-based, pastor-led leadership—what GCI calls REAL teams. For an overview infographic, click here, for videos that unpack the details, click on these links:

See Mix Up Your Meetings for help in conducting effective, team-based (REAL) leadership meetings.

Healthy Ministries (Faith, Hope and Love Avenues)

Key to Healthy Church is vibrancy in the three avenues (environments) noted below where, by the power of the Spirit, disciple-making ministry occurs. For an infographic that addresses all three avenues, click here. For infographics specific to each avenue, click on the links below.

Pastor Avenue

Love Avenue (witness)

  • How to Identify Your Target Community – connecting with nearby, unchurched people.
  • Missionary vs. Missional – developing “missional rhythms” within your congregation.
  • Greeter Ministry – mobilizing a team that extends hospitality to guests and members.
  • Connection Card – a tool for building relationships with guests and visitors (includes a template for making your own branded connection card).
  • Thank You Postcard – a tool for building relationships with visitors, donors and volunteer workers (includes three templates with instructions for making GCI-branded postcards).
  • Congregation Brochure and Postcard – a helpful and intentional way to connect with visitors and make your church’s presence known to the community.
  • Outreach Planning checklist – help your team plan a fun-filled event that connects back to the life of your congregation.
  • Christmas Service Invitation – reflect on the love of Christ this season and invite your neighbors to your Christmas service with a door hanger and postcard invitation to your local Christmas Service.
  • Easter Service Invitation & Follow-Up – as the most attended church service every year, Easter Sunday is a great opportunity to invite those who don’t normally attend to visit your church.

Hope Avenue (worship)

  • Order of Service – for a Christ-centered, gospel-shaped worship experience.
  • Countdown to Service – tips for a smooth transition from fellowship to starting the service.
  • GCI-Branded PowerPoints – customizable presentations that connect members during worship.
  • Teacher vs. Preacher – preaching in ways that connect, uplift and transform.
  • Receiving the Offering – why and how to participate in the offering during the worship service.
  • Parking Lot to Pew – tips on ways to improve your integration ministry.
  • Benedictions – ending the service with a benediction is a powerful way to empower the congregation to take the church outside the walls and into the community.
  • Branded Signage – customizable signs to make your presence known in your community and to help guests find their way around and feel comfortable.
  • Advent Candle Lighting PowerPoints – customizable presentations with the weekly scripture and theme to accompany the candle lighting portion of Advent services.
  • Call to Worship – an opportunity to intentionally attune the hearts and minds of the congregation to our glorious God.

Faith Venue (discipleship)

  • Why Small Groups? – environments for relationally-based discipleship (includes starter curriculum).
  • For additional resources related to intentional discipleship, click here.