Virtual Choir

Thank you for being willing to participate in our virtual choir!

This compilation will feature GCI members around the world singing We Believe. Below is everything you will need to prepare for your recording. Our goal is to have representation from all of our international regions. We are delighted to be able to worship together and look forward to viewing your videos.

Please read the below carefully and download the performance track that aligns with your singing range.

Click here to download your performance track.

Please send your recordings to, no later than June 27th. We are delighted to be able to worship together and look forward to viewing your videos.

* Instructions for submitting video after you receive the performance/guide track* –

(You will require 2 different devices one to listen to the track and one to record you singing. As you listen to the track use only one earbud – so that you can still hear yourself as you sing. If you are using wired headphones, let the wire fall behind your back, so that it is not distracting in the video.)

  1. Practice singing along to the rehearsal track multiple times before you record.
  2. While the guide/performance track is playing in your ear, you will record singing acapella.
  3. Have the guide/performance track downloaded onto the device that you will listen to the track with, as well as headphones to listen to the track.
  4. Find the person with the best phone camera (or actual camera) you know. If it’s a phone, make sure to use the rear camera. Ensure to wipe off the camera with a clean cotton fabric before starting.
  5. Take the video in a location with minimal background noise and good lighting
  6. Place the phone somewhere that shows the upper body at least and where the phone won’t be shaking. Set it up, facing the camera, not looking up or down towards it. Look at the camera view, to see what your background will include. Make sure it is neutral and not distracting.
  7. Set up the camera so that the video is taken in landscape, NOT portrait (that’s the phone turned sideways).
  8. Check that your recording device has adequate battery life before you start your project.
  9. Start recording the video before starting the track.
  10. Press play on the device with the audio track. Ensure that your earpiece is in (so that the track is not picked up by the recording device), and that the earphone wire is hidden behind your back if it is not a wireless device.
  11. Sing the song and end the recording.
  12. Kindly email the video to, no later than June 27th. Please include your name, congregation name, and your range (i.e. alto, soprano, tenor, lead male, lead female, etc.) in the file name when you save it. Please also include a completed electronic release, for minors please use this form. If the file is too large to attach to an email, try uploading to google drive and sharing from there or use other services such as

Be sure to check out our GCI Church Hack link on the Basics of Recording for important information like shooting your video horizontally, instead of vertically. Please email with any questions or concerns.