In Grace Communion International we believe in High Support, High Challenge – Grace always! Our ministry pathway provides a safe and strategic environment for individuals to explore their call to ministry. The programs in the pathway are not necessarily followed in a linear process system but each provides an onramp into leadership in GCI. Explore the links below to discover which program would be the best fit for you!

What is The Orchard?

The Orchard is a project-based mentoring program that participates in the work of the Holy Spirit by helping emerging Christian leaders discern God’s voice in their ongoing growth. The Orchard is led by a partnership between New Humanity Institute (NHI) and Grace Christian Church, a member of Grace Communion International (GCI). In The Orchard, we see a new generation of leaders who live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and make disciples like Jesus. With a strong theological foundation, the ability to discern God’s iterative calling, and well-developed leadership skills, graduates of The Orchard enrich and expand the Body of Christ for the glory of God. Participants in The Orchard develop a ministry project of their own design over the course of six months. Monthly learning sessions help participants understand their calling and how to best participate in ministry work. The Orchard also offers monthly, individual coaching sessions to provide one-on-one support. LEARNING SESSION TOPICS:

  • A Theological Foundation of Ministry
  • Your Iterative Calling
  • Jesus’ Concept of Neighbor
  • Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • Organization, Time Management, and Project Management
  • Conflict Styles and Criticism
  • Project Presentation


  • 7 Orchard learning sessions conducted via video conference
  • 2 hours/learning session
  • 6, 1-hour individual coaching sessions via video conference
  • Each participant will develop a Ministry Action Plan on a project of her/his choosing

Who participates in The Orchard?

The Orchard is for those who:

  • Are interested in engaging in ministry and would like to be equipped
  • Have a ministry idea but are not sure how to start
  • Want to see if ministry is a good fit before making a major commitment of time or resources


  • Young adults aged 18-25 who are interested in ministry work
  • Older leaders, especially women, who may be a good fit for the GCI Resident Program

How do I apply?

To apply for The Orchard, download the application and email the completed form to the program’s coordinator, Dishon Mills,

We invite you to support our leadership development programs by donating to the GCnext fund.

What is the GCI Intern Program?

The GCI Internship program develops skilled GCI church leaders by providing hands-on church ministry experience, church leadership development, and ministry-area exploration to those interested in exploring ministry leadership. Our vision is to see the next generation of equipped and empowered Christian leaders participating in the ministry of Jesus Christ as expressed in GCI healthy churches.

Current & Recent Graduates of the Intern Program

Gordon Herrmann – Cincinnati, Ohio

Koa Shima
Modesto, California

Dwight Smith
Sacramento, California

Jillian Morrison
Glendora, California

Interested in pursuing an Internship?

For more information email GCI Development Coordinator, Cara Garrity,

We invite you to support our leadership development programs by donating to the GCnext fund.

What is the GCI Pastoral Resident Program?

GCI’s Pastoral Resident Program is a two-year paid (or in some cases volunteer) vocational ministry experience for men and women who have successfully completed a GCI internship or, through their involvement in local church ministry, have shown themselves as faithful followers of Jesus with an aptitude toward pastoral ministry.

Current & Recent Graduates of the Pastoral Resident Program

Anthony Walton – Los Angeles, CA

Cara Garrity – Waltham, MA

Patrick Quinn – Cincinnati, OH

Elizabeth Mullins – Hickory, NC

Ceeja Malmakar
Surrey Hills, OK

David Borum – Eugene, OR

Interested in pursuing a Pastoral Residency?

For more information GCI Development Coordinator, Cara Garrity,

We invite you to support our leadership development programs by donating to the GCnext fund.