Thank you for your faithful and generous donations that help share the good news about Jesus around the world! Please click on the links below to check out our resources for engaging with your members about giving.

    • Offering Church Hack: Worship is not just expressive but is also formative. In corporate worship, we proclaim truths about our gracious God and are transformed. The weekly offering is an opportunity for us to worship by giving back to God in response to his abundant love for us.
    • Offering Slides: a customizable graphic to project during your services. This way your members can choose the option that best meets their needs. We encourage you to make this a standing projected slide every week during the offering message. This will not only help remind your current members but also inform your new members on how to give.
    • Video Explainer: an overview of how to give online or via text. The shorter clips are downloadable and can be shared during or service or with your members.