Participants in GCI’s Intern Program typically pursue a Master’s degree at Grace Communion Seminary (GCS)—GCI’s fully accredited, online seminary that is rooted in a biblical, Christ-centered, Trinitarian theology. Below is a sample two-year schedule of seminary courses (note that intern practicum courses, which are not listed, run throughout the two years).

Fall: year one

  • CM01 Ministerial Leadership
  • CM06 Trinitarian Youth Ministry

Spring: year one

  • TH01 Nature of God and Jesus
  • CM03 Christian Counseling

Summer: year one

  • CM02 Pastoral Leadership
  • BT02 Prophets

Fall: year two

  • NT01 New Testament Background
  • NT03 Acts of the Apostles

Spring: year two

  • CH01 Church History
  • TH07 Theology of C.S. Lewis

Summer: year two

  • NT02 The Gospels
  • TH02 Nature of Humans and Salvation