CMM provides each leader of a new church start team with a GCI-certified ministry coach. We do this because research and our experience show that regular, effective coaching dramatically enhances the likelihood that the new church will succeed. Below is information about this coaching. For additional information on GCI’s Ministry Coaching, click here.

Working in step with the Spirit, the coach enters a relationship with the church start team leader to…

  • guide them to discovery
  • listen intently to understand
  • celebrate their achievements and discovery
  • stand beside them in order to draw them out

Here are 10 reasons for having a ministry coach:

  • get an informed opinion from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome
  • learn what the you can’t or won’t see
  • have a compassionate and confidential “ear” where you can vent your frustrations
  • receive reality checks concerning your vision, values and strategies
  • get help walking through conflict
  • get help implementing your church development plan
  • have someone ask the questions that others aren’t
  • get help developing strategies for recruiting, launching and fund-raising
  • get help balancing ministry and family life