Here are video-based studies on “Kingdom Living”—exploring the life believers live with Christ, by the Spirit. These studies (originally called GenMin Life) were produced by Generations Ministries, designed for teaching teens and young adults. However, they also work for teaching older adults. They use an interactive discussion-based format, providing a video discussion starter and a facilitator’s guide with recommended discussion questions. We suggest this meeting format:

  • Watch the video as a group, then read the Scripture passage it references.
  • Discuss what you’ve watched, using the discussion questions in the facilitator’s guide (found by clicking on the link below each video).

For small group facilitator training, go to FaithTalk equipper and click on the training tabs.

Jesus’ Prayer (3-part series)

Part 1: Jesus’ Prayer

Part 2: Teach Us to Pray

Part 3: What to Ask For

No Risk, No Reward (1-part)

People of the Bible (2-part series)

Part 1 (Hagar)

Part 2 (Moses and Jethro)

The Kingdom of God is Like… (3-part series)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Matthew 23 (3-part series)

Part 1 (Jesus, the Mother Hen)

Part 2 (Humility)

Part 3 (Justice, Mercy and Faith)

Luke (3-part series)

Part 1 (Are only a few saved?)

Part 2 (Crowding out Jesus)

Part 3 (The cost of following Jesus)