Faith Avenue in the Philippines w/ Aron & Joyce Tolentino

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Aron & Joyce Tolentino. Aron is the Lead Pastor of the GCI church in Manila, Philippines and Joyce is an exceptional Christian leader you should get to know. Together they discuss our GCI Healthy Church Vision and the Faith Avenue in their local context.

That is community, that our lives are intertwined with one another, that our lives are connected with one another. I remember, Dr. Andrew Root’s term, indwelling. In those moments, it is not programmatic we are not seated shoulder to shoulder with everyone facing the pulpit, listening to the pastor. This time we are face to face, and get to hear the stories of people. And what we see is how God is moving in the lives of each and every person, and that edifies other people and edifies the community.
-Pastor Aron Tolentino on the Faith Avenue

Main Points:

  • How does the Healthy Church vision get translated and embedded in your local context? (7:00)
  • How would you define the Faith Avenue and how it supports the Healthy Church movement? (16:04)
  • How has small group ministry supported the vision the Lord has given you for the congregation? (20:50)
  • How does the Faith Avenue provide a connecting point for new members and seekers? (47:10)



  • GCI-Asia Online Worship Services: check out the GCI-Asia online worship services Aron & Joyce mention in the episode.
  • On Being: GCI’s new Connect Group Curriculum
  • We Believe – a comprehensive tool for teaching all age groups the core beliefs of our Christian faith.


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