Part 2 - Reimagining Camp

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Listen to part 2 of this 2 part series on how a regional youth camp made changes to a neighborhood camp.

Program Transcript


In this episode host, Joe Brannen, interviews Pastor Mike Urmie, along with Pastoral Residents Lucas & Ceeja Malmkar from our congregation in Surrey Hills, Oklahoma. They continue to discuss how their leadership team transitioned from a traditional camp to a community day camp


“To use the term reimagine what could be, we have to evaluate some things in terms of what could be. The regional camps are wonderful events, I’ve enjoyed them for years and many families have. But we have to take a look at what it produces and whether it go deep enough and is it sustainable. Does it tie back to the local church and in ministry to children, families, neighbors community? Or is it a stand-alone event?” – Mike Urmie

Main points:

  • What are the distinctions between a community day camp, VBS, and traditional camp? (5:30)
  • What did a typical day look like? (17:55)
  • What were the challenges? (25:20)
  • What do you do for your last day of camp? (27:20)
  • What kind of follow up events do you have? (32:45)







Listen to PART 1 here

If you would like to contact Pastor Mike Urmie or Ceeja Malmkar with questions about their neighborhood camp, you can email them.

Pastor Mike Urmie:

Ceeja Malmkar:

Camp Surrey Video

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