Being An Affirming Leader w/ Greg Williams

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Program Transcript

In this episode, host Joe Brannen, interviews GCI President Greg Williams. Together they discuss what it means to be an affirming leader and the impact that it has on the team.


“[affirmation] It’s the character of God. We serve a God who loves us. We serve a God who is for us. So, when we treat each other in the same way, we can face these challenges because we are going to do it together.” – Greg Williams, GCI President





Main Points:

  • Who is Greg Williams? (6:07)
  • What are the benefits of team-based leadership? (9:52)
  • What does it mean to be affirming? (12:36)
  • What is the difference between calling up and calling out? (14:32)
  • How does affirmation have an impact on our team culture? (18:26)
  • What are some small initial steps leaders can do to build an affirming culture in our teams? (31:07)