Crafting A Digital Worship Service w/ Joe Brannen

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins, interviews Joe Brannen who pastors GCI congregation in Surrey Hills, OK. Together they discuss the challenges and opportunities of crafting a digital worship service during a global pandemic, and what best practices to implement when we begin to re-gather for in person worship.

Program Transcript

“I think God uses difficult times to push the church outside of the walls, and I think that is what is going on right now. The Church is being faced with the real question, ‘Are you going to be the Church in the world around you, or are you just looking at the building as being the Church?’” -Pastor Joe Brannen

Main Points:

  • Should churches continue to stream services after we re-gather for in person worship? (2:55)
  • What have you learned from streaming your service? (7:11)
  • How do you connect with your viewers, to invite them into the life of your church? (9:55)
  • How do you start and maintain an online service, once you re-gather for in person worship? (13:10)
  • What does it look like to include online viewers in the life of the church moving forward? (29:40)



  • Streaming Pre-recorded Services Church Hack – a video that gives an overview and how to stream a pre-recorded service.
  • Recording Basics Church Hack – an infographic for best practices for quality recording.
  • GCI Creative Community Facebook Page– join the conversation between multimedia team members, Hope Venue Champions, worship team members, pastors, and anyone else who serves in their GCI congregation. The group serves as a safe space to share ideas, give feedback, and discuss best practices, all while having fun and expressing our God-given creativity!