Mentoring is a transformational relationship in which a person is equipped, empowered, and
encouraged by sharing resources (time, wisdom, experience, information, insight, etc.) at an appropriate time and manner.

Like all relationships, mentoring relationships come in different forms, functions, and durations.
Throughout our lives the Holy Spirit will invite us into various mentoring relationships, as both
mentor and mentee.


Greg and Cara introduce the Art of Mentoring series, shedding light on how mentoring has profoundly shaped Christ’s ministry.

Multi-generational Pastoral Mentorship

Watch as Joel, Aron, and Audie share their inspiring mentoring journey. Each come from a unique background, which illustrates a multi-generational pastoral mentorship.

Art of Mentoring Profiles
Explore the inspiring stories of faith and mentoring journeys shared by our friends in Fiji.

Art of Mentoring Profiles | Fiji


Tools and Resources
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