In an effort to provide high support to our pastors around the world the GCI Media team has researched some best practices and suggested platforms for providing a digital church service. Each congregation may determine the best solution for your context. We pray this information is helpful, and encourage you to explore and research to develop your action plan.

Regardless of which platform you choose, please keep these best practices in mind:

    • Stay connected as a family. Beyond sharing a message of hope, think of ways to maintain interaction and comply with government guidelines. For example, if you email a pre-recorded message, include a discussion question and encourage members to share their responses.
    • Promote using your online giving and text to give options. If your church is in the US, you can find your online giving info on the church locator.
    • If you include worship music during your digital service please comply with CCLI Guidelines. Live streaming options require an additional license.

Digital Streaming Platform Options:

    • Zoom – gathering on a Zoom call is a great option for congregations with members who do not have internet access and would still like to gather as a community. If you think Zoom is the best option, we have developed a guide with more information. Additionally, we have some tips for zoom security.
    • Live streaming – Facebook and YouTube are the most popular platforms for live streaming. Streaming your service provides the option for both members and guests to attend your service, and allows for real-time community interaction. It also provides the opportunity to invite neighbors and friends to visit and connect with your church. If you think live streaming is the best option, we have developed a guide with more information.
    • Pre-recorded services – A pre-recorded message allows you as the presenter to view and edit the service before it is shared. You can email the message to your members or share it on your congregation’s website or Social Media Page. If you think pre-recording is the best option, we have developed a guide with more information.


Please email with any Media related questions or concerns.