GCnext is a primary U.S. domestic mission for GCI with a focus on planting seeds for GCI’s next generation. This mission is conducted through a partnership of churches and denominational ministries (Generations Ministries, Church Multiplication Ministries, the GCI Intern Program, and Ministry Coaching) to recruit, mentor, send, coach and otherwise resource men and women called by God to serve as GCI church planters and as pastors and ministry leaders within established GCI congregations.

We invite you to become a GCnext partner by donating to the GCnext fund.

Here are two ways for churches to donate:

  • Give online – designate the gift for “GCnext fund”
  • Send a check made out to “Grace Communion International” to: Grace Communion International, 3120 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273-3335.

Individuals may donate by giving to a church already donating to the fund, by giving directly to the fund by personal check (see instructions above) or online. For assistance, phone donation support at 980-495-3977.

Donations to the GCnext fund, which are tax deductible in the U.S., are used to support the GCnext U.S. mission work of Generations Ministries, Church Multiplication Ministries and the GCI Intern Program.