What is the GCI Intern Program?

GCI’s Intern Program is a 2.5 year paid church ministry work experience for men and women who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree. During the internship, participants will invest 20 hours per week as ministry practitioners in a local church setting under the guidance of a Pastor Supervisor. Concurrently, the Intern will be working toward successful completion of a master’s degree in Pastoral Studies or Theology through the online venue at Grace Communion Seminary. Tuition at Grace Communion Seminary and the associated textbook expenses are paid for by the local host church. Upon completion of the internship, participants can then apply for GCI’s Pastoral Resident Program if they sense a calling to be a lead pastor or explore other ministry options in Grace Communion International and beyond.

Who is a GCI Intern candidate?

Interns are young adults, usually in their 20’s, who desire to explore ministry expressions in a local church setting of Grace Communion International. The program is designed to prepare Interns to be ministry leaders in GCI through theological training, youth and children’s ministry, worship arts, pastoral care, ministry leadership, and spiritual formation. Though we hold loosely to whether the Lord is calling each Intern ministry leadership, the program is carefully crafted to prepare each Intern for that purpose. Interns are placed in a nurturing church community with a support team including a Supervising Pastor, Ministry Coach, Mentor and Program Coordinator and the brothers and sisters of that local church. Each Intern designs a personal Ministry Action Plan (MAP), in collaboration with the Supervising Pastor and Program Coordinator, for intentional development as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Current and Recent Graduates of the Intern Program

Gordon Herrmann – Cincinnati, Ohio

Ceeja & Lucas Malmkar
Surrey Hills, Oklahoma

Koa Shima
Modesto, California








Dwight Smith
Sacramento, California

Jillian Morrison
Glendora, California

Patrick Quinn
Salem, Oregon







How to apply?

To apply for the Intern program in Grace Communion International, download the application or call the program’s National Coordinator, Anthony Mullins, at 828.655.6081 or email to anthony.mullins@gci.org

We invite you to support the GCI Intern Program by donating to the GCnext fund.