Key to Healthy Church is vibrancy in the three avenues where, by the power of the Spirit, disciple-making ministry occurs. The Love Avenue (witness) includes: mapping your neighborhood, missional events, and making friends/disciples. Check out the video and PowerPoint that overviews Love Avenue, and click on the links below for additional resources.


LOVE AVENUE (witness)


  • Christmas Service Invitation – reflect on the love of Christ this season and invite your neighbors to your Christmas service with a door hanger and postcard invitation to your local Christmas Service.
  • Congregation Brochure and Postcard – a helpful and intentional way to connect with visitors and make your church’s presence known to the community.
  • Connection Card – a tool for building relationships with guests and visitors (includes a template for making your own branded connection card).
  • Easter Service Invitation & Follow-Up – as the most attended church service every year, Easter Sunday is a great opportunity to invite those who don’t normally attend to visit your church.
  • Greeter Ministry – mobilizing a team that extends hospitality to guests and members.
  • How to Identify Your Target Community – connecting with nearby, unchurched people.
  • Missionary vs. Missional – developing “missional rhythms” within your congregation.
  • Outreach Planning checklist – help your team plan a fun-filled event that connects back to the life of your congregation.
  • Thank You Postcard – a tool for building relationships with visitors, donors and volunteer workers (includes three templates with instructions for making GCI-branded postcards).


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