GCPodcast 011 – Mike Rasmussen – Finding and Empowering Leaders

In this episode, host Joe Brannen, interviews Mike Rasmussen Superintendent for North America. Mike and Joe discuss recognizing and recruiting, as well as equipping and empowering new leaders. They talk about the positive impact of Mike’s mentorship and investment in Joe’s life. Mike shares his process of finding leaders in the congregation and how he has empowered them.

“The way I gauge that (if an individual is ready for a mentoring relationship) is [asking] – is the person open to being taught, and do they make themselves available?”

– Mike Rasmussen, Superintendent for North America



Main Points:

  • How do you identify potential leaders? (8:21)
  • What are the essentials for empowering new leaders and mentoring well? (20:03)
  • How do you rebuild teams after leaders transition out of roles? (34:48)



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