A Team-Based Faith Avenue w/ Sarah Strub

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In this episode, Anthony Mullins, interviews Sarah Strub. Sarah serves as the Faith Avenue Champion in Big Sandy, Texas. Together they discuss the Faith Avenue Team and how it integrates with the other Avenue Teams in the congregations.


“He is the source of all the good things that we are trying to build, like the Faith Avenue in this instance. And our job is to connect with him, he’s doing the heavy lifting and he will produce the results that we want to see. We can just rest in that. “
– Sarah Strub, Faith Avenue Champion


Main Points:

  • As the Faith Avenue Champion in your congregation, how do you work in collaboration with the Love and Faith Champions? (5:24)
  • With the Faith Avenue playing a significant role in church life, how important is the relationship between Pastor and Faith Avenue Champion and what does collaboration look like on that level? (8:39)
  • What steps have you taken to build a Faith Avenue team? And as a follow-up, why is a team-based structure important to the Faith Avenue? (18:36)
  • Let’s talk about the synergy and overlap of the Faith Avenue and Love Avenue. In what ways do you see these two Avenues closely aligned? (23:05)