Connect Groups w/ Heber Ticas

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Heber Ticas. Heber is a church planter and pastor while also serving as the GCI Superintendent of Latin American churches. Together they discuss small group ministry, what we are starting to call Connect Groups in GCI, and how vibrant, healthy Connect Groups support the overall Healthy Church Vision.

Program Transcript

“As pastors, we need to recruit, and we need to develop- before we launch anyone into any ministry. So, if I’m a pastor that I don’t have a Faith Avenue Champion, and I’m looking for someone to start my Connect Groups, or to get it going in the Faith Avenue. The first thing I would do is to start praying, recruiting, and whoever I think the Lord is leading me to, I would take an inventory of gifts…I wouldn’t want someone leading something they haven’t experienced before. So, I would invite this person to join me in a small group, and to take them through the Apprentice Square.”
– Heber Ticas, GCI Superintendent of Latin American churches

Main Points:

  • What is the role of the Faith Avenue in bringing healthy rhythms to a church? (7:06)
  • When launching a new connect group, what should the Faith Avenue Champion and group facilitator consider as priorities? (10:39)
  • What are some practical steps for creating a discipleship pathway to connect new members to Connect Groups? (30:02)
  • What are the differences of a Bible Study and Connect Group? (33:53)
  • What if a church has not yet launched the Faith Avenue – describe the type of person who would be a good candidate for the Faith Avenue Champion and what they should considering in building the Avenue team. (43:10)