The Art Of Sermon Prep w/ Anthony Mullins

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Anthony Mullins talks about his process of preparing for sermons every week.

Program Transcript

In this episode host, Joe Brannen, interviews Anthony Mullins, GCI Pastor and Coordinator of our Intern, Pastoral Resident, and Coaching Programs in the U.S. Anthony shares his passion for preaching, and his focus on Jesus through the process of sermon preparation.

“I am the type that wants to meditate over the passage throughout the week. As I read over the passage and pray through it and ask the Lord to reveal what he wants to reveal. It is his Word. I don’t want to impute what I want to say. I don’t even bring my own stories to it. I let the text do all the work. Because the themes and the points of the message for that Sunday are going to come out of that text and its amazing how the Spirit illuminates your mind and your heart of certain stories that you want to tell or examples of your own personal life. You are a living parable in that way… But ultimately, I am always looking for Jesus because he is the Word in the word. It’s all about him.”
– Anthony Mullins, GCI Pastor

Main points:

  • What is your approach for sermon preparation? (12:55)
  • What role do personal stories play in your preparation? (17:25)
  • How do you refine your messages in community? (23:25)
  • Why do you choose to preach without notes? (29:05)
  • Where do you draw your inspiration from to illustrate your main points? (41:05)
  • What advice to you have for other pastors who are seeking to prepare an inspirational messages? (44:55)