Creating Ministry Boundaries w/ Mark Mounts

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Program Transcript

In this episode, host Joe Brannen, interviews GCI pastor and licensed counselor Mark Mounts, LPC, LCDC*. Together they discuss the importance of setting boundaries and remembering that the role of “rescuer” is already taken by Jesus – we can all rest in his saving grace.

*Mark Mounts is an LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor, LCDC – Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor



Quote: “We don’t save people, God does. That’s why boundaries are so important.” -Mark Mounts

Main points:

  • Why is boundary setting so important, specifically in the context of ministry? (12:22)
  • What is triangulation, and how does it impact our ministry? (24:17)
  • How do pastors find support? (35:12)
  • How can Scripture transform us? (41:52)