Communion w/ Cara Garrity & Dishon Mills

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins, interviews Cara Garrity and Dishon Mills who lead in the GCI congregation in Waltham, MA. Together they discuss celebrating Communion during the weekly worship service, and the wonder of participating in Jesus’ redemption of humanity through the Eucharist.

Program Transcript

“So, we can bring nothing to the table. We have nothing to offer. But we, in the eating, that bread and wine become a part of us on a cellular level. It transforms from the inside out, so that we can become more like Jesus.”
-Pastor Dishon Mills

Main Points:

  • Why do we participate in Communion? (3:30)
  • How does incorporating Communion into your weekly worship flow made an impact on your congregation? (8:14)
  • What are the key elements of Communion during your service? (17:06)
  • What do you emphasize when setting the table for Communion? (22:16)
  • What practical steps do you take in serving Communion? (27:31)


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