Worship Leading w/ Keysha Taylor

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Keysha Taylor, who serves in GCI’s congregation in Miramar, FL. Together they discuss what it looks like to lead worship in a Healthy Church environment.

Program Transcript

“God doesn’t waste anything. It is not that no one will be touched by you being “led by the Spirit.” Because he uses us, he knows we are dust. And he is loving and kind to us. But I think that he takes a lot of time showing us that he is a preparatory God. He is a God who prepares. So we want to take the time to emulate our God. We want to imitate his ways. … From the beginning of time, it is laid out for us that preparation is vital. Preparation during the week, you are taking your time to hear what the Lord wants to say.
-Keysha Taylor, Worship Leader

Main Points:

  • Why do you believe that Spirit-led competent worship leading matters in a Healthy Church environment? (2:10)
  • What does an invitation to worship look like on a practical level? (6:00)
  • How do you build camaraderie on your team? (19:46)
  • How do you select songs that reflect the theology of the God revealed in Jesus? How do you create an invitation to worship rather than putting on a concert like a performance? (25:01)
  • Why is collaborating with the pastor and Hope Venue Champion vital for a healthy expression of worship? (32:58)