Crafting A Worship Service w/ Michelle Fleming

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Michelle Fleming who serves as the GCI Media Director. Together they discuss the importance of crafting an inspirational Sunday Worship service.

Program Transcript

“Well, when we are coming together in worship. We are coming to share the good news of Jesus. The gospel is good news! Even if we are personally having a hard time, we are coming together because of the hope we have in him. And so, coming together is transformative! … singing the same truth next to brothers and sisters, even if I’m not believing it. Hearing other people say those words, with conviction, helps me borrow hope and have conviction too.”
Michelle Fleming, GCI Media Director


Main Points:

  • What does it mean to craft a worship celebration and why is it important? (2:55)
  • When should a Hope Venue Champion begin to craft the weekly worship gathering and what are the important steps during the week? (4:16)
  • What are the key elements in a worship celebration every GCI Pastor and Hope Venue Champion should consider including in their Sunday format? (8:55)
  • Why are we intentionally using the term worship “celebration” instead of worship service? (10:49)


  • Order of Service– for a Christ-centered, gospel-shaped worship experience.
  • Parking Lot to Pew– tips on ways to improve your integration ministry.
  • Call to Worship– an opportunity to intentionally attune the hearts and minds of the congregation to our glorious God.