Crafting the Experience of First Time Guests w/ Elizabeth Mullins

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Elizabeth Mullins, his wife, and the Love Avenue Champion in Grace Communion Hickory. Together they discuss the experience of first-time guests and how to craft a safe worship environment.

Program Transcript

“The Church is not just the Sunday gathering. But often it is like the front door, it is that first impression. Our deep desire is to see people enfolded into a loving community. By God’s design, belonging in the body of believers is transformative.”
Elizabeth Mullins, Love Avenue Champion

Main Points:

  • Why does the first-time guest’s experience matter? (7:40)
  • What can make a worship experience unsafe? (13:06)
  • What are some signals that a church is safe and guests are welcome? (18:58)
  • In thinking about our guests, what does healthy authority and power look like? (23:35)


  • Greeter Ministry– mobilizing a team that extends hospitality to guests and members
  • First Impressions– An Equipper article about the importance of considering first impressions in the Hope Avenue.
  • Making Church a Safe Space– An Equipper article about crafting the environment of your Sunday service.
  • The Gift of Decentering – An Equipper article about making room for other’s to flourish during your Sunday Service.