Children's Ministry w/ Nicole Payne

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins, interviews Nicole Payne the Hope Venue Champion for Grace Communion Surrey Hills. Together they discuss best practices for Children’s Ministry and creating a safe space for our little ones that is fully integrated into the life of the church.

Program Transcript

“We desire from the moment, from parking lot on for there to be an encounter with God. We engage with and respond to the needs of families so that they really do encounter the presence of and the goodness of God.”
-Nicole Payne, Hope Venue Champion


Main Points:

  • What are practical steps a church can take to develop a vibrant Children’s Ministry within a congregation? (6:46)
  • What is a compelling vision for a Children’s ministry? (13:53)
  • What are the indicators that communicate to families that children are valued in your congregation? (20:45)