Relational Connections In Leadership w/ Mike Rasmussen

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In this episode host Joe Brannen interviews Mike Rasmussen, GCI Superintendent of North America, as he unpacks how the Holy Spirit empowers him to live out team-based leadership through relational focus.

Program Transcript

Highlights –

“The Holy Spirit is working in all of us. The Holy Spirit is not working in me, more than any of my members. We have the Holy Spirit in his fulness. So, why would I not want to hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to each to each of the individuals on my leadership team.”

– Mike Rasmussen


“It’s not just business…you have to be friends and build that relationship…That’s what Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are – they’re in relationship and have created us to be in relationship with one another.”

– Mike Rasmussen

Main points –

  • Why have a variety of ministry teams in your congregation? (8:12)
  • How does Mike create a culture of open communication in his teams & congregation? (18:10)
  • How do teams work through conflict? (22:40)
  • What are the benefits of including your team in decision making? (25:13)

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