Hope Avenue Champion w/ George Strub

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews George Strub, who serves as the Hope Avenue Champion in Grace Communion Big Sandy. Together they discuss the role of the Hope Avenue Champion within the GCI Team Based – Pastor Led model.

Program Transcript

“The Hope Avenue Champion is all about what happens within the four walls (of the church). Essentially from the parking lot to the pew, and back. The focus is to give hope to the people who come through the door. People that come to church are wanting to have some form of hope in their lives. And our God is a God of hope!”
-George Strub, Hope Avenue Champion

Main Points:

  • What is the role of the Hope Avenue Champion & why does the role matter? (1:00)
  • What does a typical week look like for a Hope Avenue Champion? (4:55)
  • How do you build a team, and what does collaboration look like in the Hope Avenue? (7:55)
  • What does the relationship between the pastor and the Hope Avenue Champion look like? (10:58)
  • What are some key steps every Hope Avenue Champion should consider doing? (14:17)


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