Team Based Leadership in the Faith Avenue w/ Mike Rasmussen

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In this episode, host Anthony Mullins interviews Mike Rasmussen. Mike is the Superintendent for GCI churches for North America and the Caribbean. Together they discuss how the Faith Avenue practically fits within the larger GCI leadership structure.

Program Transcript

“It is so much better to have a team of people working, and serving, and doing ministry together. It is actually more freeing, even though it is scary in the beginning. It is actually more freeing when you a team of people that you trust, you empower, you support, you cheerlead from the sidelines and say, “Go, be the best Avenue Champion you can be!”. There is great joy and excitement in that, once you get past that fear.”
-Mike Rasmussen, GCI Superintendent of North America & the Caribbean


Main Points:

  • How does the Faith Avenue support the Health Church vision? (4:10)
  • What is the role of a Faith Avenue Champion? (7:20)
  • Who would be a good fit for a Faith Avenue Champion? (10:15)
  • How do you build a team and what does the Faith Avenue Team accomplish? (12:48)
  • What does a healthy Faith Avenue look like in a church setting? (20:29)
  • What is the purpose of a Ministry Training Center (MTC)? (27:29)



  • Team Based – Pastor Led – An infographic the outlines the Avenues that make up the GCI, team based leadership model.
  • Team Based – Pastor Led Videos
  • Faith Avenue Tools – Additional resources for pastors and Faith Avenue Champions to prayerfully and strategically build out their Faith Avenue Teams.
  • GCI Discipleship Pathway – Click on the “Believe” tab for GCI Curricula and other Faith Avenue Resources 

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