The Role of the Faith Avenue Champion w/ David Borum

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In this episode, Anthony Mullins interviews David Borum – pastor of the GCI congregation in Kenmore, Washington. Together they discuss the role of the Faith Avenue Champion – the role David had as an Elder in Eugene, Oregon before accepting an offer to become the Lead Pastor in Kenmore.

“If your experience, in your Christian life begins and ends on a Sunday morning, then you really, really are missing out on the depth we are meant to have in our Christian life with our brothers and sisters.”
-David Borum, GCI Pastor


Main Points:

  • How do you see the role of the Faith Avenue Champion fitting into the Healthy Church vision? (7:21)
  • When you served as a Faith Avenue Champion, what was your “ministry/job description” and the focus of your work? (6:30)
  • What steps did you take to develop a Faith Avenue team? (10:06)
  • What impact does a healthy Faith Avenue have in the congregation and surrounding neighborhood? (23:29)
  • As you look back on your time as a Faith Avenue Champion, what encourages you the most about how you saw the Lord at work in the discipleship flow of the church? (29:31)




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