Key to Healthy Church is vibrancy in the three avenues where, by the power of the Spirit, disciple-making ministry occurs. Check out the video and PowerPoint that overviews the pastor’s role in leading and participating in the avenues, and click on the links below for additional resources.









      • Calling Up Vs Calling Out – tools for acknowledging and saying thank you to volunteers and leaders.
      • Goal Setting Worksheet – for Avenue Champions to use with their ministry sub-teams.
      • The Mentoring Process – a guide to the process of mentoring, and the dynamics that take place in the mentoring process as the relationship progresses.
      • Volunteer Appreciation – the “Liberator’s Intent” tool is a strategy we use to practice speaking the truth in love to one another.
      • Planning & Budgeting – a tool for developing a church calendar and budget to ensure that the congregation’s resources are invested in alignment with mission and values.
      • Finding a New Facility – a step-by-step guide to finding a new meeting place for your church.
      • We Believe Workbook Part 2 – a resource formatted to explore our core beliefs through individual study and communal discussion.
      • Avenue On-Ramps – an essential part of discipleship because it helps
        new guests transition from being visitors to becoming committed followers of Christ.
      • Communion – a guide to crafting a welcoming and unifying sacred observance.
      • Place-sharing Connect Groups – a group guide to participate in Jesus’ on-going ministry by developing habits of place-sharing.
      • Testimony Best Practices – an outline of the purpose and impact of giving a testimony as well as best practices for sharing your personal story effectively.
      • Leadership Discernment a resource for developing personal and corporate discernment practices.
      • Rule of Life – an overview of the spiritual practice that can be used to build rhythms that order our lives around Jesus.
      • Love Avenue Practices – best practices for being actively present in your neighborhood.
      • Advent – resources to help your congregation participate in the Advent Season.
      • Worship Calendar Practices – This resource extends a helping hand, offering theological insights, practical suggestions for congregational involvement, and individual spiritual practices aimed at nurturing holistic discipleship.



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